Our Story About

Excite your palate with a modern Indian twist.

Thevar is a modern Indian grill restaurant and bar along the vibrant Keong Saik Street. It is spearheaded by Chef Mano Thevar and showcases creative combinations of traditional Indian flavours.

The chef's menu features here will reflect Chef Mano's culinary training and travels.

“When you dine at Thevar you will find that many dishes taste familiar, as they are representative of Indian flavours by way of the Malay Peninsula. We want to be able to showcase these nostalgic flavours in each hearty plate. The food represents my take on dishes that I grew up eating, reinterpreted in a way that would appeal to diners today – flavourful yet comforting dishes that guests can enjoy time and time again. We want to provide a nostalgic and compelling dining experience, allowing diners to revisit fond food memories.”


Chef Mano